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Sign Manufacturing Service

Sign Manufacturing Service

With rich experience manufacturing commercial signs, if you can dream, Goodbong can build.

High-Quality Signage Manufacturing

One of our core competencies is high-quality manufacturing. We invest in advanced technology CNC equipment, including routers, bending machines, metal shears, folding machines, and channel steel machinery, enabling us to continuously improve product quality and production technology. Our Graphics Department utilizes large-scale digital printers, vinyl plotters, and vacuum-forming techniques to produce sign faces of all sizes and varieties.


Our custom sign manufacturing facilities operate according to UL 48 and NEC standards and are certified by a national testing laboratory. We are used to manufacturing unique, one-of-a-kind custom signs as well as numerous cabinet and channel lettering for corporate rebranding programs.


Sign-making and Manufacturing

While standard and pre-made signage systems are available, Creative has the ability to manufacture just about anything a designer can dream up. Whether a project calls for signage that stands on the wall or floats from the ceiling, Creative's sign production team can produce architectural signage that best fits the needs of a custom project. Regardless of the degree of customization of the product, sophisticated sign-making techniques ensure that the end product will be something the client can be proud of.