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Goodbong Custom Signage Service

Goodbong Custom Signage Service

Custom Signage Services

Goodbong provides types of vacuum-formed signages and services, including sign consulting services, sign design services, sign engineering services, sign permitting services, project management, sign manufacturing services, and sign repair & maintenance services.

Sign Consulting Service

Shanghai Bobang Marking Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned automobile marking and vacuum plating processing enterprise, in the automotive marking production industry. At present, Bobon is at a relatively high level in the industry in terms of company size, technical strength, and advanced equipment. We have gone through countless springs and autumn since we started our business in 2013, and we have been focusing on the production of automotive logos for many years.

Sign Design Service

Among the customers Goodbong serves, there are more than 20 Fortune 500 companies, more than 100 world-renowned enterprises, and have also become many 4S store brand suppliers. It has become an internationally renowned brand enterprise with a complete industrial chain from [business negotiation] to [program guidance] to [technical solution] to [manufacturing] to [after-sales service]. At present, the products have been exported to more than 20 regions around the world.

Sign Engineering Service

Goodbong is a comprehensive professional signage company integrating design, production, transportation, installation, and maintenance. With a modern international standard workshop of more than 5,000 square meters, professional equipment, and elite team dedicated to creating a high-quality enterprise signboard identification system for you; 

Sign Permitting Service

Goodbong abides by the ISO9000 quality management system, adhering to the quality of survival, quality of the brand, quality map development, and quality service to enhance your corporate image. The manufacturing plant is located in the Jiading district of Shanghai, known as the economic center of China, and is located in the northwest of Shanghai, the economic leader of the Chinese mainland, and is home to the Shanghai International Automobile City under construction, which is one of the reasons why Goodbang's car logo production has been so well received.

Project Management

As Goodbong undertakes the logo manufacturing and export business in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Australia and Asia, its popularity in domestic and international logo production continues to increase. Through the introduction of modern management concepts, specialized production equipment and large-scale production lines, Bobang Logo is striving to develop into a leader in the international marking industry.

Sign Manufacturing Service

Goodbong's marketing network covers major cities in China, and we have set up our company headquarters in Shanghai to serve the world. Provide perfect and considerate services for well-known enterprises in Japan, South Korea, North America, Europe, and so on. Goodbong's corporate goal is to create a well-known brand on the basis of expanding foreign markets; To this goal, Goodbong will always work hard spirit, constantly improve quality, constantly develop and adopt technology to transform existing products, and constantly pursue the perfection of our products.

Sign Shipping Service

Goodbong has rich business experience and a broad international design outlook, and absorbs technology at any time; We will plan and design according to the customer's product positioning, and understand the customer's needs, business philosophy, and corporate image. With unique new concepts and pioneering innovative ideas, we will tailor your exhibition space for you.

Sign Repair & Maintenance Service

Goodbong strictly controls the management quality, only pursues 100% design effect, and creates a high degree of customer satisfaction. We uphold the professional concept, creativity, and new quality control service system, to ensure that to provide our customers with perfect, all-round, and satisfactory service.