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Design Elements In The Production Of Acrylic Blister Logos

At this stage, the logo production technology with the development of the economy has also been greatly improved, but the design is relatively backward, we pay too much attention to the communication of information when designing, thus ignoring the design itself, let's talk about the store signage design elements that need to be paid attention to in the production of acrylic blister logos.

The Color Design of Acrylic Blister Logos

The color design of the logo, in addition to special provisions in some logos, should generally be implemented in accordance with the visual design standard color, the whole should be coordinated and unified, and pay attention to the use of auxiliary colors. With different secondary colors representing different areas, it's easy to know where you're still in range. In addition, the color should not be too much, generally controlled at about 2~3 colors, otherwise, it will appear messy. 

Material Design of Acrylic Blister Logos

Material design and the selection of marking materials should consider factors such as durability, safety, convenience, and ease of maintenance of materials. General-purpose guide signs can generally be used in a modular structure, which is cost-saving and easy to replace. Different use environments can also choose to adapt to different regions of decorative materials and material standards, and can also develop and research to meet the requirements of new materials, so that the design is more regional and personalized, although the production cost is increased, its regional characteristics and image immediately showed. 

Modeling Design of Acrylic Blister Logos

In modeling design, the overall shape of the logo is the carrier that needs to convey information, most of the time we usually do not pay special attention to the shape of the logo production, resulting in the singleness of the logo expression, especially after the use of modular assembly and combination structure, modular combination requires the use of prefabricated specification profiles, combined into the size of the required "square matrix", to the square matrix represents a module, and then by a plurality of square matrix merged into a whole. It has the characteristics of setting according to functional needs, reflecting practicality, standardization, combination, easy replacement, adjustment, combination, assembly, and disassembly, but has no personality or characteristics.

Acrylic blister car dealership logo production is a cumbersome process, and can not be rushed, bad proportions will lead to a great discount in the design effect, logo production to start from the details and strive to achieve better results.