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Chevrolet Dealership Sign

The Chevrolet dealership sign is a patterned bow tie, which symbolizes the generosity, style and demeanor of Chevrolet cars. Chevrolet is the name of Swiss racing driver and engineer Louis Chevrolet. How the Chevrolet "Golden Bow Tie" sign came to be has always been a lot of speculation. The story behind the chevy dealership sign may never be a mystery, and the romantic version of the story may also be the most widely circulated version, with William Durant related.

At Goodbong, we're poised to be your creative ally in transforming your Chevrolet dealership's visual identity. Our goal is to create Chevrolet dealership signs that not only encapsulate the spirit of the Chevrolet brand but also elevate your dealership's presence, attracting a wider audience and reinforcing your unique brand identity.

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