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Custom LED Channel Letter

Custom LED Channel Letter

Protruding metal lettering predates neon signs, and at the end of the 19th century, they first appeared electrified signs, which were decorated with rows of shiny lamps placed in metal lettering. The LED channel letter was coined from the word for deep wall, concave light source, and their light source guides the direction of the decoration, and now, neon signs and decorative groove words are equivalent in meaning, because in the past decade, most outdoor signs have required neon tubes.


How to Install LED Channel Letter

How to Install LED Channel Letter

Step 1: Party A embedded steel plate fulcrum;

Step 2: The firm square is connected with the original embedded steel plate, and the lock dowel is fixed;

Step 3: Reinforce the L-shaped corner code of the original vertical square lock;

Step 4: Fixed horizontal square communication;

Step 5: The luminous word is fixed on the square tong, and the dowel is locked;

Step 6: The wires must converge at a point after the sleeve converges through the glass gap;

Step 7: All the external wiring of the light-emitting word is connected to the transformer;

Step 8: Standard power supply electrical distribution box device.

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