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Toyota Dealership Sign

Toyota dealership sign is made of ABS board and vacuum coating. The outside coating is opaque, with edges trimmed. The surface is smooth, and has no particles, scratches, and oily hair. After the acrylic blister material is basically formed, it needs to go through milling, engraving, grinding, filming, arting and etc.

After the Toyota blister coating logo is formed, it undergoes surface treatment such as cleaning, roughening, sensitization, degumming, etc., and then nickel plating, copper plating, nickel plating, and finally a dense anti-oxidation high-strength chromium layer is plated on the surface to make it present a metallic luster, enhancing aesthetics and longevity.

Electroplating products must be packaged with copy paper, secondly packaged with pearl cotton, and finally packaged with bubble paper for the third time. Toyota Blister Coating LOGO is packed in a wooden box. After the Toyota dealership sign is wiped clean, it is packed with bubble wrap and packed in a wooden box.

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