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Volvo Dealership Sign

The Volvo car logo is composed of three parts: the first part of the circle represents Mars, the ancient Roman god of war, which is the ancient chemical symbol of the iron element - a circle with an arrow inside, and the arrow points diagonally to the upper right corner. The reason why the brand logo representing the iron element is used on the car is to remind people of the Swedish steel industry with a glorious tradition and its strength as strong as steel. The second part is the diagonal line, a diagonal ribbon set on the radiator from the upper left to the lower right. The third part is the registered trademark of Volvo Corporation, which is the word VOLVO written in ancient Egyptian fonts.

In Latin, "Volvere" is the infinitive form of the verb "roll", for example, a pistol with a revolving wheel is called a "revolver". In the first-person singular form, the verb "volvere" becomes "volvo" in Latin and "I roll" means "I roll forward". So Volvo also means "rolling forward". Goodbong provides customers with high-quality and high precision Volvo car logo customizable services.

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