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Sign Permitting Service

Sign Permitting Service

Goodbong has the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed to provide the proper permits for your signage project.


It is critical that your project has the correct permits to ensure it complies with state and local regulations. We have dedicated, experienced licensing managers who take care of the entire application, sign licensing services, and final inspection process. Bobang has extensive experience in winning accommodation applications and can help you maximize your signage area and signage height. We are licensed by the State of Texas as a Master Sign Electrician, which is a requirement for licensing, manufacturing, and installing electrical signs.


Our Professional and Experienced Licensing Managers

Our first step is to conduct a code inspection of the city or town where the sign will be installed. This information lets us know what the city will allow. Once the design is approved by the client and, if required, the landlord, we can proceed to the licensing stage.


Sometimes, a stamped project is required to apply for a permit, so we will make sure to stamp it before permitting. Some items do not require engineering design, but we think it is better to have an engineering design, such as high-altitude signs or tall signs, so we will ensure engineering design after permitting or during permitting. We have rich experience and can help you win different requests to maximize your sign area and sign height.

Turnkey Sign Licensing

A city or municipality can fine you if you don't have the proper permits, our permitting services ensure your signage is designed and built in compliance with the proper regulations. The permitted range of regulations published by the city/municipal authority is the driving force behind the signage design. Permits are required before the sign is manufactured but after client approval.


A workaround can also be filed when you ask the city to allow the installation of signs that exceed or do not comply with published regulations. It is usually based on security concerns or visibility issues.


How Long Does It Take To Get The Proper Permits?

This varies by city/town. We usually tell clients to expect a minimum of two weeks to get a permit. However, if we know that the process is more difficult and takes longer (like in Houston, New York, Florida, etc.), we will let them know.