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Sign Repair & Maintenance Service

Sign Repair & Maintenance Service

Goodbong has dedicated sign maintenance technicians who are trained to provide repair and maintenance for various types of signs.


Goodbong Experienced Technicians

Our signage repair and maintenance technicians operate one-man cranes and keep an inventory of replacement power and lighting, allowing us to complete most repairs in one trip. Get help with repairs and maintenance

Why Goodbong?

When it comes to signing repair and support, no one is better qualified than Goodbong. We have years of experience in the industry and have equipped our service team with the right equipment to address your service needs in a timely manner. Our relationships with experienced sign companies across the country allow us to handle your service needs wherever you have a facility or location.


All that said, making sure your business looks good makes us look good, so repairing your sign is important to us.


Sign repair services include:

  • Light bulbs, neon or LED replacement

  • Replace missing decorations

  • Replace damaged or deteriorated welds

  • Structural repair

  • Replace transformer/ballast


Sign Repair

When you get a custom sign from Goodbong, you can rest easy knowing you've got the support of a professional sign company to keep your sign performing at its best. That means, whether you have an 3d led sign, architectural sign, 3d neon sign, or even a tower sign, we provide routine maintenance and repair services for all types of signs. If you have a broken light bulb, cracked glass, bent sign, or other damage, you can rely on our professionals to inspect and properly repair your sign.


Meet Your Sign Repair Needs

Our company can perform any and all sign repairs of any kind. No matter what the damage is, our experts are trained and certified to resolve your issue quickly. We have an extensive professional fleet including cranes, aerial work vehicles and service vehicles, and our signature repair and maintenance team are equipped to meet your service needs in a timely manner.


We work with a wide range of materials to repair LED and neon graphics, as well as solar signs and traditional plastic or nylon designs. By keeping up with the latest technology and continually training our staff, we can ensure your signage remains attractive and functional year-round.