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KFC Sign

KFC door signboard belongs to a new advertising facility, in the restaurant operation has been a good use effect, and the use of kfc sign and maintenance is very convenient, the use of not only can save power but also become the best auxiliary to the storage operation, so many restaurants will take this blister signboard as the standard configuration of decoration.


When making KFC door signs, high-quality acrylic materials are usually used, the light transmittance is very good, and the way to display the installation is also very simple, which is very helpful for reducing installation and maintenance costs.


The power supply used by the KFC signage is a dedicated high-brightness LED strip, not only energy-saving but also environmentally friendly, in the LED also placed LED transformer, the external power plug can directly use 220 volts of current, behind the signboard there is a special corner pendant, when using the right angle hanging on the wall on the line, of course, you can also use hidden methods for installation.

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