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Lotus Dealer Sign

Lotus dealer sign is made by three-dimensional blister mold. The acrylic sheet is vacuum positioned and formed by suction. Even if it is the same word, different sizes require different molds, and mold-making requires high precision and high quality. Because the precision and quality of the mold making itself are directly related to the quality of the acrylic three-dimensional blister logo.

Lotus car post-production, that is, after the acrylic blister material is basically formed, needs to go through several processes such as edge milling, milling, grinding, filming, and art. After that, the three-dimensional car logo is laid with LED energy-saving light sources and painted. The prototype of the car logo is basically completed.

Lotus dealer sign screen processing, according to the different needs of customers, directly transfers the screen to the acrylic plate through screen printing, and then vacuum suction molding, the screen image can be plasticized into a three-dimensional effect, so as to achieve a better advertising effect.

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