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Car Dealership Sign

Car Dealership Sign

Digital control ensures that each furnace of coated products has no yellowing, light leakage, surface particles, or leakage Defects such as plating, oil flow, scratches, orange peel, etc. The car logo has uniform light transmission, no light leakage, and no stains. The CNC car logo blister forming machine is adopted, with its unique baking properties, it can adjust the temperature of the plate according to the special requirements of the product, so as to ensure the accuracy of each product, make the visual effect of the car logo product more perfect, and the service life is even longer.


The car dealership signs have proven to be the most cost-effective form of advertising when it comes to attracting the attention of passers-by and road traffic. In fact, the Small Business Administration states that LED signs can increase sales by up to 150%, according to recent studies. In addition, effective LED signage has reached up to 70% of the public while significantly increasing brand awareness by up to 86%. It goes without saying that LED signs are a no-brainer for car dealerships when it comes to bottom-line business results. A car dealership logo will aid your efforts in attracting attention, building brand awareness and ultimately winning new customers.


It’s not difficult to program car dealership signs. Not only do you order the signage with installation, you also order the software needed to update the signage from anywhere you have access to the Internet. As with all new software, you will need to become familiar with using it, but the software is designed to be very intuitive. Immediately and easily schedule new messages, designs, ads, photos, and videos. This includes scheduling messages in advance for the time of day and day of the week, determining how long each message will be displayed, and how to rotate messages. If a featured vehicle is sold, it only takes a few seconds to remove it from the rotation.