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VW Dealership Sign

The professional automobile VWdealership sign uses high-quality acrylic or ABS sheet through the vacuum positioning and suction forming of the numerical control plastic forming machine. The high-precision aluminum mold can ensure the accuracy of each product. After the Volkswagen silk screen luminous car sign is basically formed, it needs to go through several processes such as edge milling, milling, grinding, film sticking, and art. Finally, the car logo is laid with LED energy-saving light sources, built-in waterproof LEDs, and equipped waterproof transformers. After baking, a three-dimensional prototype of the car logo is basically completed.

Since it is a screen-printing car logo, the process of screen printing must be a step that cannot be ignored. Silk screen printing is a very common picture processing method for blister light boxes, and it is also ideal. It is mainly squeezed by a scraper. The ink is transferred to the graphic through the graphic part to form the same graphic as the original. Especially when we make a certain number of Volkswagen silk screen luminous car logos, we try our best to adopt the method. Because our plates have to go through high-temperature baking and compression molding, we must use good ink when screen printing, otherwise, it is easy to scratch during the production process, and it is easy to fade after a period of use. Different silk screen materials use different inks. The screen printing inks used by our company are all imported from the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Japan, so that the product color is corrosion-resistant, non-oxidizing, non-shedding, non-fading, and can be guaranteed for 5 years. Dont't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for VW dealer sign for sale.

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