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Mcdonald's Logo Sign

McDonald's LOGO is different from general blister processing products, also known as a special-shaped blister, its blister surface is bulging like a pointed drum, with a three-dimensional sense, so it is called a sharp drum blister. The McDonald's blister logo is very technical, and its peculiar shape and unconventional characteristics are deeply loved by fashionable and avant-garde people.


McDonalds M sign is the overall blister, blister bottom plate, and logo word, some are installed under the bottom plate of lights, such as Rosen and the whole family, some only logo words are equipped with lights, its basic structure is also composed of three parts: three-dimensional blister surface, box and LED lights. The three-dimensional blister surface is generally pointed and drum-shaped, and the three-dimensional blister surface is carved with special three-dimensional carving. Blister processing is to open the mold production, usually large, medium, and small 3 molds, because each store sign is not necessarily the same size, the blister mold is superimposed to a certain height and shape pressed, with high craftsmanship.


The three-dimensional shape of McDonald's blister LOGO three-dimensional sense is self-evident, the shape is peculiar, the leader of the fashion trend, the content performance effect is long-lasting, the weather resistance, color fixation, light transmittance of acrylic materials have become the top quality of advertising materials, and LED lights are energy-saving, green environmental protection, brightness, long life (up to 100,000 hours), stable lighting, close to 0 maintenance.

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