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Mercedes Dealer Sign

There are four production processes for the Mercedes-Benz face cover. The first one uses transparent acrylic board for heating and compression molding, the second uses transparent acrylic board for heating and blister molding, the third uses the white acrylic board for heating and blister molding, and the fourth uses Transparent board screen printing heating compression molding. Specifically as shown in the video.

The shape of the Mercedes dealer sign is a three-pointed star emblem, which symbolizes the mechanization of landing, water, and air. The raw materials for its production are selected according to the requirements of customers. Because some customers require light or no light, the materials are also different. It is made of transparent acrylic board, white acrylic board, or transparent silk screen printing board.

When making, it is necessary to adopt the blister-forming process, which is produced by a fully automatic high-speed blister-forming machine. The basic principle is to pull the rolled sheet into the electric furnace oven to heat it to a softened state, and then pull it to the top of the blister mold after heating. Move up and vacuum to absorb the softened sheet to the surface of the mold, and at the same time spray cooling water on the surface of the formed sheet in mist form to harden it and form a three-dimensional effect. Then it is operated and sorted by workers, and finally, the Mercedes-Benz cover is made.

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