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Hotel & Hospitality Signage

Hotel & Hospitality Signage

Professionally designed and beautiful hotel signs can help you do just that. By helping your hotel appeal to your target market, a high-quality exterior hotel signage can attract new customers and, at the same time, inspire customer loyalty. Signmakers specialize in hotel signs, we are in the business of crafting beautiful signs that complement your brand and ultimately improve your bottom line. We have successfully handled many client projects, working closely with them from planning to installation. At Signmakers, we make sure your property gets the sign you deserve, on time and within budget.


Attractive Hotel Monument Sign

Effective hotel exterior signage is crucial in attracting customers and showing them where your hotel is. In fact, according to research from signs.org, 35% of customers only discover local businesses when they pass by them. The challenge isn't installing several signs outside your hotel, the challenge is having the right design on the right sign type and placing it in the right location. Signmakers can help you with this.


We offer a wide selection of outdoor sign types so that you can choose the sign that best reflects your brand identity. Individually cut letters showcase unique lettering and detailing while giving your signage a clean, professional, and sophisticated appeal. The channel lettering and lettering are handcrafted to look exactly the way you want them; when illuminated, they are attractive during the day as well as at night. If you're looking for a logo that exudes a sense of strength and permanence, monument and monolith logos can be great choices.


Stunning Exterior Signage for Your Hotel

No matter what type of hotel signage design you need, Signmakers is ready to design, make and install it for you. We are happy to provide you with your hotel's exterior signage to catch your market's attention and convince them to walk through your doors.


The "Hospital" sign is considered a general service sign. It may well be desirable or necessary when general service signs for hospitals and police assistance appear infrequently and only at intersecting highways or intersections. If the "Hospital" sign is used at the intersection, it should be accompanied by directional information, such as auxiliary signs such as "Turn ahead" or "Directional Arrow". The sign shall be installed at a suitable distance before a turning point or intersecting street. Each state that chooses to provide a service mark shall establish a statewide policy or standard for assuring its use and delivery of services in accordance with national guidelines. For uniformity, the use of such signs by local jurisdictions shall follow state policy.


The purpose of the "Hospital" sign is to direct motorists requiring immediate emergency medical care from State highways to the nearest emergency medical facility. Emergency medical (hospital) facility as defined above. These signs are put in place to specifically target motorists unfamiliar with the area, not necessarily local traffic. In an effort to limit the number of options for travelers during a medical emergency, as well as reduce the number of redundant signs, Goodbong has not installed these signs to direct individuals to different emergency medical facilities. Like other motorist service signs, the "Hospital" sign will only be installed on city streets, in conjunction with the state government installing similar signs on its state highways.