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Denza Dealership Sign

The core identification elements of the Denza logo are composed of water droplets in the center of the logo and closed shapes on the periphery. The blue of the water drop is the blue of technology and the blue of the future, which embodies the brand's vision of pursuing pure and natural environmental protection. The closed shape of the Denza logo shows that the two parties of the joint venture have joined forces to jointly care for nature and the environment, and jointly devote themselves to the cause of electric vehicles, shouldering environmental responsibility.

The materials of the Denza logo LED three-dimensional luminous car logo provided by Goodbong mainly include acrylic, ABS, PVC and so on. Compared with ordinary light sources, LED light-emitting car logos are more energy-saving and more economical and practical during use. In the installation process of the large LED three-dimensional car logo, the LED light source is more refined and does not take up space, which provides great convenience for the installation of the car logo in the 4S shops.

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