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Subaru Dealership Sign

"Subaru" means union in Japanese, and its corporate logo is the six consecutive stars of the Pleiades star cluster, and it is also the logo of "Subaru" cars. There are seven blue stars visible to the naked eye in the Pleiades star cluster, and the "Subaru" logo represents that after World War II, five independent companies formed the current "Subaru". The "Subaru" car has unique technology, especially its boxer engine and permanent four-wheel drive system.

Subaru car logo manufactured by Goodbong Company are featured with good waterproof and wind resistance ability. Usually made of Arcylic, ABS and PVC materials, the Googbong Subaru Dealership Signs are equipped with built-in LED light bar. As we all know, LED light source is a new type of research and development light source, not only having a more pure spectrum and color in place, but also saving power. Compared with ordinary light sources, it saves more energy during use, and is more economical and practical.

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