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Peugeot Dealership Sign

The Peugeot Dealership Sign is the logo of the French Peugeot Company, which consists of a three-dimensional lion head composed of two arcs. The lion's head symbolizes strength, courage and dignity in French culture, and Peugeot is also renowned for its high-quality and high-performance cars.

The design of the Peugeot car logo is inspired by the royal emblem of France, in which the lion head represents the authority and dominance of the French royal family. Throughout the ages, lions have been regarded as noble and heroic for their majesty, valor, and majesty. The huge sculpture "Sphinx" in ancient Egypt is a lion with a human head to represent the majesty and heroism of the pharaoh. Peugeot uses the lion's head in its logo to convey the brand's nobility, strength and confidence, as well as the company's commitment to high-quality vehicles.

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