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City Show Room Signage

City Show Room Signage

Goodbong has won several projects in showroom sign field due to several advantages.

  • Demonstrate the achievements of cultural construction

  • Serve as "urban meeting room" and "urban golden business card"

  • Improve the urban cultural taste

  • Let citizens understand the development status of their own city, have a sense of ownership, have a sense of belonging, and be proud of their hometown.

Usage of Signage in the City Show Room

In various fields of social life, people use a large number of signs, such as the national flag, national emblem, National flags, emblems, trademarks, trade names, place names, road signs, etc., in the form of graphics, words or multiple combinations, to distinguish, represent and symbolize various things that constitute the world. Therefore, the sign of the exhibition refers to the sign that can distinguish different exhibition design activities or exhibition organizations.


Features Of City Show Room Exhibition Logo

  1. Identification. The showroom signage is attached to the exhibition activities or the organization of the exhibition, which reflects the unique personality of the exhibition and carries the spiritual pursuit and cultural connotation behind the exhibition. Therefore, identification is the fundamental attribute of showroom signs..

  2. Commendation. Although the showroom sign is very simple, after long-term use and advertising, it can become the information "memory" of the exhibition activities or exhibition organization and can carry the credibility of the exhibition. Such as Hannover International Electronics, Information and Communication Expo, Canton Fair, World Expo, etc., have formed a brand effect and gained a good reputation.

  3. Value. The showroom sign boards are intangible properties, that is, it does not have direct economic functions. For example, the name of the exhibition itself does not generate economic benefits, but the exhibition is named after the long-term organization or business name, the services provided by the exhibition organizer and the exhibitors’ display. All the products have been recognized by the market, resulting in a good reputation and huge social influence, which in turn benefited the organizers. In this case, the name of the exhibition has certain property attributes. At the same time, the showroom sign can be transferred or authorized to be used by others, and the market operation can be carried out through its commercial function to obtain economic benefits. For example, with the permission of the owner of the showroom sign, the merchant will combine some showroom signs with certain goods or services, which will have a strong exhibition design activity or organizational influence in the society, and increase the popularity of the goods or services, thus greatly Improve the economics of goods and services.