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Goodbong Made Brand Logo for VERSACE

Goldbong custom special-shaped vacuum-forming product of many projects. For some international brand logos, Bobang has also cooperated with many enterprises. Here, I will not introduce them to you one by one. Today, I will mainly explain to you a difficult logo made by the Bobang factory recently. The difficulty level can be clearly seen in the content I will introduce later, so there is no suspense here.   

VERSACE is an Italian luxury brand, with Medusa, a snake-haired banshee in Greek mythology, as its spiritual symbol, representing fatal attraction. The bright colors of costumes are inspired by ancient civilizations in Greece, Egypt and India. Versace deals in clothing, perfume, glasses, ties, leather goods, bags, porcelain, glassware, silk scarves, down products, furniture products, etc.

Custom Signages for Retail Stores

Versace's brand Logo-Medusa is a banshee in Greek mythology. In real life, as a factory, when making this product, the difficulty is hair. Firstly, the product specifications customized by clients are relatively large. Secondly, there are many strokes for the head of Versace's brand logo characters, so it is a bit difficult to make the mold. The hair lines can be seen from every stroke. Based on the documents provided by customers, and our technicians deepen the documents and then carve the mold in three dimensions, thus achieving the three-dimensional effect in the facial modeling required by customers.

Store Signage Design

For vacuum forming products, besides carving, molds are generally used. For a small number of products, we generally use wood molds for vacuum forming because they are relatively cheap, and factories can independently carve molds, repair and so on. Therefore, Versace LOGO is made of wood mold.

For larger products, we may adjust the vacuum forming machine accordingly to make larger products. Because this LOGO is relatively complicated, it is also made through more manual coordination during plastic absorption.

Commercial Retail Signs

Versace's main technology is the integrated molding of wood mold and plastic. The final product is displayed in front of everyone.

Large-scale vacuum forming, looking for Bobang, 22 years of professional large-scale vacuum forming, only for peer OEM


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