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Goodbong Custom Car Dealership Sign for Dongfeng Fengxing

No matter in terms of company size, technical strength or advanced equipment, Shanghai Bobang Logo Co., Ltd. is at a relatively high level in the industry. We have gone through 20 springs and autumns since our establishment in 2001, and we have been focusing on the production of automobile logos for 20 years.

With the continuous development of the society and the continuous improvement of the economy, people tend to build taller buildings. For commercial buildings, the roof signs are particularly important. There is an old saying that is called standing tall and seeing far. In terms of reverse thinking, standing at a low place, you can see the scenery at a high place, such as the sun, such as mountains, such as the roof signs. Today, I will talk about some of the roof signs that Bobang has made over the years.

Whether it is a car logo or a large building character, first of all, it is necessary to communicate with the customer, sales, and technology about the price and the process, and then determine whether it is one-piece blister molding or splicing technology, how many molds to use, whether to use wood molds or aluminum molds, etc. . The main processes used in the logos explained below are blister, electroplating and splicing processes.

Dongfeng Fengxing adopts one-piece blister molding and acrylic blister electroplating process. For large blisters, look for Bobang.

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