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Mazda Dealership Sign

Mazdad dealership sign has an oval outline as a whole. The most striking part in the middle is a pair of stretched wings. It is mainly made of ABS and then vacuum-plated. The surface cover is frosted silver, and the inner compartment is aluminum-plastic plate. The ABS electroplating car logo needs to have a backlighting effect, so the white LED light strip must be pasted on the aluminum-plastic board. The pasting route is strictly in accordance with the design drawings. The built-in LED is a waterproof module, and the exterior is equipped with a waterproof transformer.

The overall Mazda dealership sign bottom plate is made of transparent acrylic back cover, which needs to have an extended edge. For later installation, corresponding screw holes must be opened on the back. The Mazda ABS electroplating car logo matches the transformer and LED input power regulator with corresponding voltage parameters. Remember to reserve a certain length of wires, as well as some welding rods, copper wires, and several sets of spare white LED light strips, wall bolts and supporting gaskets. , spring washer and stainless steel pan head, in order to ensure the smooth installation and put into use in the later stage.

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