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Acura Dealership Sign

Acura Dealership Sign is made of transparent acrylic board, which is silk-screened inside and then blistered, machine-milled and plated with a mirror surface, and coated with light on the outside. GAC Acura electroplated car logo side trimming, bottom plate ABS board blister, silver-gray paint sprayed outside, trimming edges, engraved hollow PVC ring in the middle, light white acrylic engraved uniform light plate, built-in LED, external transformer. 

GAC Acura's electroplated three-dimensional car logo has no particles, no oily flow, and no light leakage spots on the surface of the finished product. The logo is backlit, the surface is pasted with silver film, the back cover is made of Chevron board, the English letter panel is stainless steel paint, the back is illuminated, the back is made of light white frosted board, the configuration is white with the inside and outside of the box, the LED waterproof module of the acura sign is installed inside, and the waterproof transformer is equipped outside.

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